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R. Fernandez Senior editor

CCG maker is a program with which you can create your own card designs. With CCG (Collectable Card Game) Maker you can save your created cards to the hard drive or - in case you want to play - you can print them out too. You can create your own templates for manna symbols, set symbols or cards.
The application has a feature which allows you to import or export different symbols. You can add, remove or position your own set symbols to this program. This can be done via the corresponding toolbar buttons or by going to “Customize Set Symbols” in the Customize Menu.

To put the set symbols on a card with this program, you need to move your mouse pointer over the set symbols until your pointer turns into a hand. Then a drop down menu will appear with the symbols that are there. Just click on the one you want.

In this program it is possible to add or remove up to 10 different types of card templates or manna symbols. This program saves your card as .mtg files, and you can open these files if you want to re-edit the cards. A generated .jpg file of the same name will be only fitting for viewing and for display purposes on the web.


  • A nice program to create your own cards and symbols.


  • A bit confusing to use.

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    Gonobobel 5 years ago
    — Hamster Free ZIP Archiver
    Pros: Multi-stream and multi-core
    Cons: No

    Special functions (preset) for e-mail, RapidShare, CD, DVD, and others
    Easy-to-use! Drag-n-Drop! It does not require special knowledge. Supports 40 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Japan, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, etc.)

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    MasterBETA 6 years ago

    I like how easy it is to use, buy changing the shape of the template (boxes) is difficult, also changing the text in some locations is limited.


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